How to choose the best Cocaine addiction treatment facility?

cocaine addiction

Cocaine is one of the most potent illegal drugs on the market today.  It’s users experience an immediate and intense sense of euphoria as the brains primary pleasure centres are stimulated.  What’s more, Cocaine is extremely addictive. Users quickly become accustomed to the heightened state of body and mind the drug delivers and constantly crave the same high they have previously experienced.

Sometimes establishing you, your friend, or perhaps a member of your family is suffering from cocaine addiction can be difficult.  Signs and symptoms of cocaine dependence (other than an increasing need for cocaine) can include nosebleeds, sinusitis, a loss of weight or evidence of malnutrition, tooth decay, a perforated nasal septum and even mental illness such as depression or suicidal tendencies.

The serious nature of addiction to this drug suggests treating cocaine dependence early is paramount.  But how do you go about treatment?  How do you select the right facility?  What is the best program for your individual situation? There are a range of treatment options to choose from.

Selecting the right facility

Treating cocaine addiction is not a one size fits all approach.  The severity of your addiction and any underlying or complicating mental health factors must be considered before finalising a course of action.

Don’t just jump into selecting a treatment option.  It is worth completing some research on the variety of treatments and facilities available to inform your decision.

A good place to start is to ask yourself the following questions:

What type of facility is most suitable for you?  Is there a particular location most convenient or appropriate? Could you see yourself attending a particular centre?  How qualified or experienced are the staff with cocaine rehabilitation?  What is the length of intervention?  How might the different program options affect your personal life?  And finally how much does it cost?
After a bit of research you’ll probably have a view on the treatment that best suits your needs.  Now I suggest you get in touch with an addiction specialist to gauge their view on the most appropriate rehab environment and program – whether it is inpatient, outpatient, 28 days or even 3 months.  The combination of your preferences and their expertise should ensure you make the correct decision to help you overcome your cocaine affliction.

What does treatment involve?

Once you’ve elected the right facility, treatment stages for drug addiction are relatively consistent regardless of the type of drug in question and whether you elect for inpatient or outpatient care.

Typically the first stage of any rehab program is detox.  Your body needs to be cleansed of the harmful drug and each treatment centre will have a range of approaches to do so.

After a successful detoxification, the focus is typically shifted to therapy.  This is a particularly important component for battling cocaine addiction.  You need to understand the causative factors that led to your drug abuse, and equally importantly you need to develop coping mechanisms for the next time you face temptation.

The third and final stage is referred to as aftercare.  On reaching aftercare stage you have completed intensive treatment, but aftercare provides ongoing assistance that may be in the form of support groups, 12 step programs, individualised therapy and more.  An aftercare program that is tailored to an individuals needs will be most effective in avoiding a relapse and further cocaine abuse.


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