Are you looking for an alternative to traditional addiction treatment?


When undergoing treatment for substance abuse, most individuals turn to traditional care focusing on a structured program to successfully beat their affliction.  In many cases that program follows the popular 12 step addiction rehab model.


What is the 12 step program?  It is basically a set of guiding principles that help subjects navigate a successful course of action to sobriety.  Everyone follows the same procedure and ’12 steps’ to recovery.


Yes, it may be popular, but is the 12 step program the best approach for you?  It may not be.  While no doubt this treatment works for many people, for those that need a more flexible or individualised approach to rehabilitation there might be a better solution.


Detractors of the 12 step approach reference difficulty with certain aspects of the program such as religious and spiritual components, a lack of comfort sharing experiences with strangers, limited consideration that drugs or alcohol may not be the primary problem, a lack of treatment availability in certain areas or a schedule that is incompatible with existing commitments.


So is there a viable alternative to the 12 step rehab program?  The aptly named ‘non 12 step model’ is one of a number of alternative treatments available to help overcome substance abuse and addiction.  Consistent with other approaches, the non 12-step rehab includes inpatient and outpatient options.


Individually designed programs

However the uniqueness of the non 12 step approach is its flexibility and customisation.  Rather than a one size fits all approach where failure is pointed squarely at an inability to follow instruction; programs are individualised based on your situation and any contributing factors that might be occurring alongside your substance dependance such as mental illness.


Depending on what is most appropriate, programs might include holistic treatments such as yoga, exercise and nutritional intervention, as well as other evidence based treatments that may have worked for recurrent sufferers in the past.  More importantly, rather than relying on sheer willpower, the non 12 step scheme leans on a support team and coping strategies provided during treatment.


Based on modern science

Instead of adopting a rehab program based on a historical model or outdated science, the non 12 step approach leverages modern scientific research.  If you are seeking a science based approach that continues to evolve then you might consider non 12 step rehabilitation.


Psychiatric treatment if required

Dual diagnosis can often demonstrate individuals are suffering from psychiatric issues alongside their drug or alcohol addiction.  Understanding what symptoms are attributable to addiction and which stem from mental illness is critical to allow individualised treatment where required.


Less rigid yet equally effective

The most important consideration when selecting a rehab approach is whether it is going to work.  If you have tried the structured 12 step program with limited success, or the uniform approach to recovery sounds a little off-putting, then the less rigid non 12 step program might be a more suitable alternative as you continue to fight your addiction.


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